Tactical to Strategic – Reactive to Proactive – Actionable Intelligence

Cybersec is the trusted partner in delivering focused security solutions requested by the cyber community. We operate together with our partners providing most advanced technologies available in market. Being a specialized solutions provider, our offering comprise full cyber security and Threat Intelligence spectrum needs.

Cybersec’s ideology is based on the fact that perimeter security is not enough

Cybersec provides its customers with tools designed to improve customer situational awareness and provide tools for better strategic decision making.

Customers need to have capability to monitor their attack surface and protect their infrastructure from vulnerabilities and exploits reveal in forums and social media.

Customers will have the ability to anticipate and produce proactive information about potential threats – “silent noise” and “silent signals” – cyber and non-cyber, geopolitics instabilities and reputational risks.

It’s important for customers to understand correlation between cyber and physical threats and to get a holistic picture of their own operating environment.