From unstructured data to actionable intelligence. Collect, contextualise, analyse, visualise, share and report. Silobreaker covers it all.

Silobreaker helps security, business and intelligence professionals make sense of the overwhelming amount of data on the web. Silobreaker online platform extracts actionable insights from over a million sources on the web and puts it in your hands, wherever you are and whenever you need it.


One system: Offers a single application for an entire workflow. From collecting, aggregating and processing data to the analysis, report-generation and dissemination of intel.

Return on investment: Presents significant value and cost-efficiency in comparison to multi-product investments, product segmentation by the same vendor, or ‘pay-as-you-request’ services offerings.

Unstructured data: Specialises in contextualising and bringing meaning to unstructured data, estimated to represents 80% of the world’s data and essential for most intelligence use-cases.

Multiple use-cases: Tackles different problems and the connections between them to provide a holistic and strategic understanding of threats, risks and opportunities.

Customisable and easy to implement: Fully configurable for different use-cases and requirements, without the need for time-consuming onboarding or user training.

Straightforward 3rd party integrations: Fits within eco-systems of products, whether the need is to import data to Silobreaker or export findings to 3rd party offerings.

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