"Cybersec's mission is to provide solutions for customers to secure and support their business operations with the most advanced security technologies available."

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    Cybersec is trusted partner in delivering focused security solutions requested by the cyber community. Cybersec operates together with its partners providing most advanced technologies available in market. Being a specialized solutions provider, our offering comprise full cyber security spectrum needs. Cybersec's ideology is based on the fact that critical assets should be protected from the core, not from the perimeter or middle-layer. Typically, vendors focus on one or two layers only, being able to only provide protection from the surface. Bypassing these security controls compromises usually the asset as well. We usually suggest that should not be focused on products only, it should be built-in. This is where we make the difference. Being one step closer to the asset we can better ensure it's full protection. We like to think about this as the "security shell" model.


    Cybersec works in the most critical areas of the security domain and offers technologies that both supports and helps to mitigate the current problems organizations face in the cyber space. We focus mainly on the following fields, supported by the best technologies available.

      our specialities that are

    • Network Centric Dark Threat Detection
    • Anomaly Detection & Threat Mitigation
    • Open Source Intelligence
    • Critical Asset Security & Data Leakage Prevention
    • Digital Intelligence & Threat Platform
    • Cyber Skills Development and Training